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New Jersey, NJ, Master Plumbers License Bond Information & Purchase

When a NJ PLUMBING CONTRACTOR (NJ MASTER PLUMBER) applies for or renews their NJ MASTER PLUMBING CONTRACTOR LICENSE, they need a three thousand dollar ($3,000.) surety bond. The cost of this bond from this agency is $50. (fifty dollars) per the two year term.

This bond is required by the NJ Board of Master Plumbers and it’s intention is to protect the public. If a plumbing contractor fails to perform a job, the customer complains to the board, and if the plumbing contractor fails to make good, the NJ Board of Master Plumbers will require that the bonding company providing the surety bond pay to the customer up to $3,000. to make good. The surety (bonding) company can then go after the plumbing contractor to get back the money paid out.

Plumbing bonds are issued in the master plumber’s individual name.  All NJ licensed master plumbers need a bond.  They do not need to own or operate a plumbing business.

  • Plumbers who have just passed the license exam need to purchase a bond and must mail it to the Master Plumbers Board (NJ Division of Consumer Affairs) with the application for the license.
  • Plumbers who are renewing the bond will retain the bond in their file for future reference but must insert the bond number, name of bonding company in the online renewal application for the NJ Division of Consumer Affairs.
  • Bonds are processed and mailed within three (3) business days by an employee of FRANCHINO INSURANCE, not a computer.
  • Within 1 – 2 business days of your submission of the bond we will email you the bond number and appropriate information that you will need to complete your  online renewal with the NJ Board of Master Plumbers.
  • Bond numbers will NOT be given out over the phone.  Bonds cannot be faxed because they have a seal on it identifying it as original.
  • This agency issues a new bond number for every renewal cycle.  You cannot use your existing bond number for the online license renewal.  Wait for your new bond number.
  • If you are a licensed HVACR contractor and a licensed NJ master plumber, 2 bonds are needed, one for each license.

PURCHASE A PLUMBERS BOND – Cost is $50. for the two (2) year term


You need more than the bond. You also need business insurance – General Liability, Commercial Auto, Workers Compensation, etc.



Information about workers compensation for Master Plumbers:WORKERS COMPENSATION

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