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Consejos de seguridad de conducción defensiva

Defensive Driving Safety Tips

You could have years of driving experience on the road, racked up hundreds of thousands of miles, but your experience may not be your most useful tool when uncontrollable situations occur. Here are some tips on driving defensively and preventing accidents that could raise your insurance premium through the roof.

Don’t React

We’re all familiar with discourteous drivers, and how at times they can cause our blood to boil. However, instantly reacting to these drivers can actually make the situation worse. When someone cuts you off, don’t be eager to cut them off right back or start honking the horn with no end. Ultimately, you may feel like you need to prove something to this other driver, but really what? You don’t know each other. Chances of you ever running into each other again are super slim.

Don’t block the fast lane

Unless you’re planning on driving a long distance at the appropriate speed, don’t block the fast lane and hold back other drivers. If you happen to find yourself in the fast lane and see cars quickly approaching you, calmly signal and switch over into the next lane. Don’t wait for drivers to flash their lights at you or start honking.

Don’t drive tired

Here’s a statistic to look at; the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states the 56,000 accidents a year are caused by drowsy drivers. Plan your time accordingly if you know you  have to jump into the driver’s seat so that you’re wide awake and vigilant. Drowsy driving can be as dangerous as drunk driving. Typically, their results are the same. Most of us don’t tend to be in the best of moods when tired. Moody driving will not help your ability to follow the other tips in this article.

Don’t ignore your surroundings 

Always stay clear of distractions while driving including texting, eating and even applying your last coat of mascara. These distractions will not allow you to stay alert to your fullest potential. This will help you avoid rear ending someone when traffic all of a sudden comes to a halt.

Do stay cool

Your attitude about your daily driving will determine the result of most of your incidents.  Stay calm even when traffic is piling up. Avoid getting angry and steer away from aggressive driving.